The housing market is on fire


"The US housing market is on fire and it is always nice when the macro data are in sync with market performance," Rosenberg wrote.

Rosenberg added: "The homebuilding data was solid again in July with the level of housing starts coming in stronger than anticipated. Upward revisions to previous months make the history look better and firm building permit issuance is pointing to continued momentum."


Housing Industry News: New Home Sales Statistics


There is a cool tool to examine housing industry News.  You can review new home sales across years and to do comparisons to analyze the health of the housing market.  Embedded herein is 2015's new homes sales numbers.  Click on the <strong>"tool"</strong> link to examine other dates and times.  New home sales are important and demonstrate the health of the housing market over-all as inventories of available homes goes up and down.


Housing Forecast: What to expect the second half of 2015


The recession may be over, but the housing market and housing forecast pros still see the scars.  Take the homeownership rate.  In 2005, America's homeownership rate was 69.1%.  Today, it's 63.7%, the lowest level the nation has seen since 1993.

The good news for sellers is that demand for housing is back, and prices are continuing to rise. But for buyers–especially first-time ones—inflating price tags are clearly not a positive. Add to rising prices the triple whammy of rapidly rising rents, sluggish wage growth, and high student debt loads, and buying into the American Dream is fairly tough for the younger and lower-earning end of the population. And that has a ripple effect.


Pinterest trends 2015 – home decor

Want to get out of a home decor rut in 2015? See the latest design looks by Pinterest users and get tips on how to incorporate the top current trends in your own space.  It's more than furniture that drives home decor ideas; it's more than color or paintings on the wall.  It's a full home decor experience that creates the ambiance to feel specifically, in the space you create.


Move-in Ready New Homes


We build new homes all the time which means we have move-in ready homes available in each of our neighborhoods regularly.  Below is a list of those that area ready in August / September, 2015 - which means it's time to write an offer now!

We have a wide range of beautiful open floor plans to choose from.

1.  The Mirabeau at Rivercrest - 1327 SF, 3 Bed / 2 Bath - located at 11805 E. Rivercrest Drive, Spokane Valley, WA - Available Now.

2.  2150-BR at Radiant Lake - 2150 SF, 3 Bed / 2 Bath w/ 3-car garage located at 17743 N. Pristine Circle, Rathdrum, WA - Available Now.

3.  Lot 1 at Bellerive North - 2688 SF, 3 Bed / 3 1/2 Bath with 2-car carriage house (garage) - Available Now.

4.  The Tamarack at Greensferry Grove - 1439 SF, 3 Bed / 2 - Located at 2624 N. Fordham, Post Falls, ID, Available Now.


Call for details / tour:  208-777-3000