New Homes in North Idaho

Monogram Homes builds beautiful New Homes in North Idaho and has been a trusted home builder in the area since 1985. Monogram specializes in efficient use of space using open floor plans and beautiful finishes that meet the needs of each family for which it builds. Monogram is continuously building new homes, both pre-sold and many for the market.
When you call Monogram Homes at 208-777-3000, you can set up an appointment for a home-build meeting with a Monogram professional who will answer all of your questions and begin the process of building your new home. You can also visit their website at to browse all of the new homes in North Idaho that are move-in ready. Monogram’s website allows you to look at pricing, floor plans and learn more about the company that wants to put you in the home of your dreams. 
If you’re considering a custom built home from Monogram, you can better understand their building process by their straight-forward methodology that they use, from beginning to end. This process uses essential steps that they follow to allow them to build your home in a timely manner:
– Decide. You get to pick your home/lot and write it up.
– Meet. This is the part where you will sit down with the build team to discuss your desired features, colors and finer details of the home.
– Shop. The fun part where you pick out the finishes and really make the home your own.
– Watch. Just sit back, relax and let them do the work.
– Walkthrough. Come and see the beautiful home that Monogram has built for you.
– Move-in. Enjoy your dream turned into reality!
There are also many move-in ready new homes in North Idaho that have been built by Monogram Homes. Visiting Monogram’s website at will allow you to browse through all of the move-in ready homes in your area. You can also look through the model homes in your own location.
Monogram Homes is an Inland Northwest home-builder, dedicated to personalized service and customer satisfaction. They are constantly adapting to the ever-changing needs of their clients by updating their techniques to the highest levels of efficiency, and by updating their floor plans to keep up with modern design. At the same time, they continue to represent the more traditional Inland Northwest aesthetics.
When you make the call to Monogram Homes, you can speak with one of their professionals to set up a home-build meeting or discuss the new homes in your North Idaho location that are move-in ready or soon to be ready to live in. Monogram Homes will not waste your time or money, because they are committed to providing you with excellent service and they will respect you and your time. Why not make the call and see what Monogram can do to put you and your family n the home of your dreams? You’ll be glad you made the call.