About Monogram Homes

Monogram Homes derives its name from the word “Monogram” which is a form of signature, using multiple letters or characters to create a singular, decorative design. Similarly, our process for creating each home involves many people—you our partners, us and our suppliers—to create one signature home that is unique to each client who builds with us. We create a unique home for you by starting first with a floor plan we help you select and then customize it to meet your needs to give you a personalized home.

Monogram Homes is an Inland Northwest home-builder, dedicated to personalized service and customer satisfaction. We’re constantly adapting to the ever-changing needs of our clients by updating our techniques to the highest levels of efficiency, and our floor plans to keep up with modern design, while continuing to represent traditional Inland Northwest aesthetics.

Our dedication throughout the building process is to you and your family. From the ground up, you are our top priority. That is why we don’t just build homes–we build communities. Every home we build is on property that has the highest chance for increasing in value and built to last with the highest quality standard. In the end, we want for you to be just as proud of your new home as we are.

Even though we’ve built thousands of homes, we never lose sight of why we do what we do: To create lasting relationships by pulling together all of our resources to create a unique and lasting home for our clients.